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Rock Out Inc. Entertainment

Event Type: Wedding Ceremony/ Reception
Overall Performance Rating: Excellent 

I wouldn't change a thing. Rock Out Inc. Entertainment is awesome and Jamie was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. The sound and lighting were amazing! I couldn't have asked for anything more. Everything was perfect
                                                                                                         Allie/ Brandon Hagar

Event Type: 50th Birthday Party
Overall Performance: Excellent

Rock Out Inc. Entertainment was amazing to work with. The quality of the equipment, lighting and talent was a great value for my parent's party. Everyone was talking for weeks after the party about how good of time they had. Jamie was great to work with and was very felxible to the events of the party. Great job Rock Out Inc. !

                                                                                                        Tara Crusnett

Event Type: Corporate Holiday Party
Overall Performance: Excellent

The Music Selection was great. People danced at the party that I have not seen dance in years. Everyone seemed to have a great time either dancing or listening to the selection of music. The online planning tools were very neat and were shared amongst staff members in the office. The party was definately festive thanks to Rock Out Inc!

                                                                                                       Terry Whitehead